Patient Instructions

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Patient Information for
Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care


Tips prior to Surgery:

  • Transportation - for your safety and comfort, you will not be permitted to leave the Surgery Center alone. You must be escorted by an adult.
  • Arrival Time - Please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled procedure time.
  • Consent Form - It must be signed prior to treatment and a parent or leagal guardian must accompany patients under the age of 18.
  • Food & Beverage - Do not eat food or drink fluids (including water) after midnight the evening before your procedure.
  • Medication - Follow your physician's directions. Bring a list of all your medications for review by the anesthesiologist.
  • Smoking - You should stop smoking 72 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Women - Please notify the surgeon and staff if there is a possibility that you are pregnant. Hernias are typed according to where they occur in the body.

Patient Instructions for the Day of Surgery:

  • Bath or shower the morning of your procedure to minimize the chance of infection.
  • Please remove all make-up and nail polihs.
  • Wear loose, casual clothing and low heeled shoes.
  • Please leave all jewelry and other valuables at home. The surgical center is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
  • Please do not shave your surgical site prior to coming into the Surgery Center.

Patient Instructions for after the Surgical Procedure:

  • After your procedure, you will be moved to our state-of-the-are recovery room and monitored by our staff until you are ready to go home. Most patients are discharged within two hours of their procedure.
  • Your surgeon will provide instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications. In the event of any difficulty, you should call us directly at 626-457-5333.
  • If you received anesthesia, you should not drive, drink alcoholic beverage or sign legal documents for 24 hours.